The establishment of cost limits, based on the client’s requirements;

Preliminary estimates of building costs based on the architect’s sketch designs;

Recommendations on designs, materials, specifications, etc. in order to keep within the cost limit;

Final estimates based on the working drawings and further recommendations on savings if required;

Recommendation on the utilization of local materials, managerial resources, etc. to stimulate local development;



Investigation into the economic viability of projects based on the preliminary building cost estimate, method of finance, running costs and other variables;

Recommendations on the above to improve the viability;

Cost planning and control to ensure viability;

Discounted cash flow analysis;

Residual land value calculation.



Recommendation of the type of contract to be implemented, based on the current local building market conditions, the time for completion and the type of project; Compiling of traditional, elemental or activity orientated bills of quantities depending on the client’s needs;

Compiling of schedules of rates, specifications and other contract documentation for “Fast Track” project;

Investigation into the management and financial ability of tenderers and recommendation for the appointment of a contractor.



Projection of monthly certificate payments to the contractor based on various methods of forecasting cash flow such as the Californian S-Curve;

Monthly valuations of the work completed and recommendations for the amounts to be paid to the contractors;

Estimating value of variation orders to ensure cost control;

Measurement of provisionally measured quantities and variation orders to the contract, for inclusion in the final account;

Calculation of escalation in building costs in accordance with the terms of the contract;

Settlement of the Final Accounts with the contractors.



Valuation of existing buildings for insurance or finance purposes;

Valuation of the amount of work completed at termination of building contracts.