Schedules of materials and labour – for contractual cost control and ordering of materials. All services offered are in accordance with the role of a quantity surveyor as stipulated by the SACQSP and the ASAQS and all in accordance with their professional codes of conduct.



WinQS-SQL specialist QS software by ACE Solutions is used for estimating, bill production, valuations and final accounts;

Dim-X specialist QS electronic measuring software by ACE Solutions is used to taking-off dims directly from CAD and/or PDF drawings;

MS word is used when necessary for word processing services;

MS Excel is used for all spreadsheet services, e.g. feasibility studies, estimating, cash flows projections, cost reporting, etc.;

MS Project is used for project management services, e.g. programming;

A number of detailed spreadsheets etc. have been compiled internally to facilitate our own formats for feasibility studies, elemental estimates, cost plans, payment certificates and valuations, escalation calculations, final accounts, etc.

Other instruments, e.g. measuring wheels, planimeters, laser equipment, tape measures, etc. are available for physically measuring from plans and/or measuring on site as and when required.